Professor Jimmy Chan

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Hans' contributions are tremendous, and his profound influence is far and wide. He has made a mark in the field of psychology and dominated the scene for many decades. I was greatly honoured and privileged to be able to work with him on a number of psychological projects and particularly those related to intelligence and personality, cross-cultural reaction time experiments and his neurotic and psychotic scales. He invited me to write a paper on ancient Chinese intelligence items for his journal and I regret very much for not being able to complete it before his death.No doubt he was a psychological giant and his writings are numerous, as he was a prolific writer. His thoughts went so fast that ordinary writing speed was not able to match. When I visited him in the Maudsley Hospital office, I noted that he used a portable Dictaphone to write his books and passed it to his secretary to transcribe the tape into words afterwards. His publication list is so substantial that it is a book in itself.

Remembering Hans Eysenck.

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I always appreciate his inspiration and provocative thinking, which have a far-reaching effect on me in my psychological endeavours. I have been known personally to Hans for a long time since 1966 when I was a postgraduate student at the University of London, and I feel especially sorrowful for the loss of a sincere and supportive friend as well as an academic partner. I certainly miss him very much.

Hans visited Hong Kong many times and gave public lectures at both the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong at my invitations. His talks in Hong Kong were thrilling and attracted large crowds and especially the clinical psychologists who had been using his EPQ (both the Adult and Junior versions).Hans' empirical research on both cognitive and conative psychology will no doubt serve as good examples to all of us and will be remembered through reading his voluminous and significant works, which he left with us. I am pleased to know that a postgraduate research scholarship in the field of personality and individual differences has been set up in the memory of Professor H.J. Eysenck.