Anecdote 1/2

​One unforgettable final evening with Hans must be the memorial dinner with him in Aarhus, and Helmuth Nyborg, Jeffrey Gray and Art Jensen would all surely have much to say on the event. I felt very much "below the salt" in such company, but was touched by the greatness, grandness, and profound sadness of the event.

Every one of us in the room had been inspired by his vision and breadth of interests that made a "genuinely scientific psychology", seem possible.His health by then was poor, and I can only hope that he perceived the good will emanating from us all. A few days later I saw him on the plane returning to London, clearly drained by the travelling. At the time I felt guilty that we had been at what was almost a prescient wake, and that such a sick man had felt obliged to leave his home. I now believe it was his way of saluting his acolytes, and that this was his final gesture of consideration and magnanimity. There will be other brilliant psychologists in the future; we shall never see his like again.


Dr. Vincent Egan

Anecdote 2/2

At the 1987 ISSID conference, a naive Canadian post-graduate said: "Gee, that questionnaire of yours is great. You should do some big studies with it." Hans looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said: "Yes that would be a good idea." Many others would have been very scornful of this person's lack of knowledge; Hans chose to be kind.