Professor Robert Thayer

Anecdote 2/2

Several years ago I was at a convention of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences, a society that Hans Eysenck was founder of. There was a panel that he was on in which there were a number of critics attacking some of his ideas. He spoke his thing and they spoke their criticisms. At the end he said, "We will see. In time the truth will be known." I have great confidence that his ideas, if they aren't all accepted now, will eventually be largely accepted. 

Anecdote 1/2

I had the great honour of being a friend of Hans Eysenck. He had flown to Los Angeles, California to give a talk and I was picking him up at the airport. He had just completed a ten-hour flight. I said, "Hans, what did you do for those ten hours?" He replied, "I thought." This was the brilliance of the man. We went for a two-mile walk during which he expounded the most original and creative ideas that I still remember.