In 1991, the British Psychological Society approached the Science Museum to discuss the possibility of having a special exhibition in 2001 to mark the centenary of the Society. In 1998, Geoff Bunn was appointed to, amongst other things, curate an exhibition devoted to the history of British psychology.

"Mind your Head? 100 years of psychology in Britain", opened in January 2001 and can be found on the 4th floor of the Science Museum, in the Lower Wellcome Gallery for the History of Medicine. Part of the exhibition is the Bio-signal Laboratory, set up at the Bethlem Royal Hospital in London by Hans Eysenck to investigate his theories of personality and consisting of over 200 separate items.​​

Bio-signal Laboratory- as set up at the Science Museum


Following the appointment of Geoff Bunn in 1998, a BPS/Science Museum committee was established, and with the help of two work placement students, a campaign was launched in early 1999. After writing to every Psychology Department in the country, over 100 items were donated to the Museum's Psychology Collection.

Shortly after the symposium on the life and work of Hans Eysenck held at the BPS conference in 1998 there were a series of events that resulted in the acquisition and eventual installation of the Bio-signal Laboratory in the Science Museum, with the help of Dr. Paul Barrett.

The research at the Bio-signal Laboratory sought to determine if the nervous system responses of intelligent people were faster than those of less intelligent people. "Project Titan", sought to explore the relationship between personality and brain function.


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