Fund History

The H.J. Eysenck Memorial Fund was inaugurated in November 1997, when donations were received and paid into a special account at the Institute of Psychiatry. The fund applied for and was granted charitable status on 21st July. The money was then transferred to the Memorial Fund with the start date of August 11th 1998. The capital is in perpetuity and any scholarship awarded is done with the interest accrued. 

A Memorial Fund with Charitable Status has been set up in the memory of Professor H. J. Eysenck               for a Research Scholarship in the field of Personality and Individual Differences.

Memorial Fund

Fund Aims

The aims of the fund include the advancement of the education of the public by the funding and publication of research in individual differences in psychology and the provisions of annual scholarships.


Please make all donations payable to:

The H.J. Eysenck Memorial Fund

PO Box 27824, London SE24 0WE

Your donation is greatly appreciated.