Personality Investigations, Publications and Services (PIPS) was founded in 1973. The directors were Professor H.J. Eysenck and Dr. S.B.G. Eysenck. In September 1997 Professor H.J. Eysenck died and Mr. G. Evans became a director.

​​Personality Investigations, Publications and Services (Registration - No.  01037094) PO Box 27824, London SE24 0WE

Directors: Prof. H.J. Eysenck Ph.D. D.Sc., Dr. S.B.G. Eysenck Ph.D., Mr. G. Evans M.Phil.



The aim of "PIPS" is to promote the writings and research of Professor H.J. Eysenck and is now looking to expand its business.

PIPS Copyedit Service

PIPS is offering a copyedit service for any authors who would like to enhance the chances of their articles being accepted for publication in PAID or other journals. We are sure those authors who have experienced our helpful edits of their journals since 1980 will acknowledge our dedicated skills.

We think a fair price is £10 + VAT per 1000 words and we would like the script double spaced and in a format compatible with Word.

Please send your article to us by email to evans.eysenck@virgin.net.

As an introductory offer we would do the first 3000 words of your first submission FREE!!